Why I Started the Patchwork Minimalist Blog

I started this blog after working for over a year to minimize my possessions. I am an avid quilter and my life is a patchwork of experiences that have led me to the point where I am now. I used to be a borderline hoarder, but through the inspiration I have gained from Joshua Becker through his blog, Becoming Minimalist, his books, and his Uncluttered course, I have changed my life.

I am a lot of things. I am a Christian, a mom, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a great-aunt, an office manager, a choir member, a church clerk, a friend, a quilter, and a minimalist. I always used to say that I would quilt when I retired. A few years back with the economy the way it is, I decided that I should start quilting now because who knows when I will retire. I finished 3 bed-sized quilts  in 2014, 6 in 2015, 3 in 2016, and 0 so far in 2017. You may ask how I can still call myself a quilter.

Well, The past year and a half I have spent most of my free time working toward becoming a minimalist. I know that word is scary…especially to quilters. You may think that I am going to ask you to give away your entire stash of fabric and tools. I am not going to do that. But, you will be surprised at how freeing it is to give away a few UFOs that you have grown tired of or never really loved in the first place.


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