Donor’s Remorse

I have always loved black leather Aigner purses. The first expensive purse I ever bought when I got my first job was an Aigner purse. This past spring I donated several Aigner purses to one of my favorite charitable thrift stores. This ministry provides food and goods to individuals in need and also provides a store for people to purchase items cheaper than retail. I frequently donate and shop there.

Shortly after donating the purses I found out that I was going to a conference for work. I started looking at my remaining purses and decided that none of them was right for my upcoming trip. I couldn’t remember which thrift store I had donated to in particular because there are four different ones that I have given to during my journey to minimalism. So, one Saturday I went to three of them looking for the purses. The next chance I got I went to the other one. I didn’t find any of the purses that I had donated. So, I gave up looking and decided to make do with the purse that I carry every day.



I have a beautiful Vera Bradley purple purse and wallet that my niece bought for me at an outlet store. I took stuff in and out, consolidated my vitamins into smaller containers, and made it work. It was a good conference, a lovely trip, and I did not think about the lack of an Aigner purse one time on the trip.

Fast-forward to last Friday. I walk into the local thrift store, and what do you suppose my eyes behold…two of the black leather Aigner purses that I donated with price tags of $10.00 each. I carefully examined each of them. One of them had a bulky flap that goes over the top to seal it with a magnet. I never liked that feature. The other one seemed perfect until I looked at the bottom. It was worn a bit. I also saw a tweezer in a side pocket that I was sure that I didn’t mean to donate. But I left it there. They also had a lovely navy blue Aigner purse that was a little small. I don’t have any navy blue shoes and prefer to wear only black shoes. I put them all back and walked away to look around the rest of the store. I left without purchasing anything.

Honestly, upon leaving the store I didn’t think about going back to purchase them. The next day my son wanted to go to another thrift store. We went and neither of us purchased anything. I could have stopped at the one with the purses, but I kept driving.

I decided that none of those lovely purses are perfect for me. That is why I donated the two black ones in the first place. I had purchased them from a seller on eBay and had only carried them once each. Why have I thought about those purses every time I visited a thrift store in the past several months? Now I am satisfied with the knowledge that the thrift store will sell them and be able to use the money to help someone. I am free of the regret. I am happy with my purple purse that reminds me that I am loved.

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