How Missing a Quilt Show Improved My Life

Empty Boxes

Instead of attending a quilt show this weekend I decided to go through two boxes of paper clutter that had been bothering me for months. One of the most ironic things I found in one of the boxes was a map and informational flyer about the same quilt show from three years ago. I didn’t go back then either. You see, I have spent the greater part of my life so far being busy doing things that I “needed to do.” I had so much stuff that I never felt caught up or free to do the things I wanted to do.

I have been becoming minimalist since May of 2016. On my journey I have donated countless van-loads of perfectly good things that I spent a lifetime collecting. This weekend I really feel as if I have turned a corner in my journey.

Tonight I had my dad over for supper. Because I spent the weekend getting through those last two boxes of paper clutter and catching up the laundry and dishes, I could enjoy the evening with him. We really talked and enjoyed watching The Andy Griffith Show together as I hand quilted.

The difference is that I woke up in an uncluttered bedroom and walked into an uncluttered living room and kitchen this morning. Even though I had to run an unexpected errand after work I didn’t feel stressed or rushed.

Even though I missed the physical quilt show I was able to catch one. A Facebook group that I am in had a virtual quilt show, so I was able to enjoy looking at the pictures. (Another plus is that a lot of the things I filed this weekend were quilt patterns that I hope to make one day. I also have a stack of patterns that I plan to donate or share with another quilter.)

My hope is that one day I will make it to that illusive quilt show, but until then I will keep working toward being un-busy so that when the opportunity arises again I won’t hesitate to go.


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