Hand Stitching as Therapy

Hand piecing

I can see why Chicken Little thought the sky was falling. If you have ever been hit in the head by a falling acorn you would understand, too. I just spent the past hour working on hand piecing a quilt and guarding the crawl space opening for my house. You see, this week I learned that I have termites and fungus. The fungus is due to me forgetting to open the vents around the foundation of my house in the spring. When I went to close them for a recent cold spell I realized that I had forgotten. When the termite inspector crawled under the house he found fungus. He said that air flow would kill it and recommended that I rig up a fan under there and close the space with rabbit wire. I have a construction team coming on Monday to assess the termite damage, so I can’t put up the rabbit wire yet. So, I have been sitting near the opening making sure that no animals get in while running the fan to try and kill the fungus.

While sitting there and stitching all I could hear was the hum of the fan and my central unit when it kicked on and the frequent sound of acorns hitting my metal roof and sliding to the ground. I have been trying to stay calm about all of this. Hand stitching is great therapy. It is amazing how calming it is to hand stitch.


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