Living While Getting Your Ducks in a Line

In the movie, “A Lot Like Love,” Ashton Kutcher’s character was always trying to get his “ducks in a line.” He thought that he had to have the perfect job, career, house, and future in order to be ready for love and to be happy. Two people in the movie pointed out to him that his life is “now.” It was happening while he was trying to get things lined up the way that he thought it should be. I saw a parallel with that and my own life.

I can remember big chunks (years) of my life that I spent working toward a goal or planning for a trip. When the goal was met or the trip was happening I was too consumed with “how it should be” to enjoy the “now.” I have been thinking about this in relation to de-cluttering. I have spent way too much of my life planning and waiting. Now that I am in the “doing” of de-cluttering it is so important to remember to “live life” along the way.

My in-home quilting retreat a while back taught me that making time for the things I love to do is important. I can get bogged down when I am in “active de-clutter” mode and don’t take time to quilt at all. My mood is so much better if I take at least a few minutes each day to hand quilt. But, when the house is in disarray from a de-cluttering session that is cut short by “life,” I don’t let myself enjoy quilting because I feel guilty that the things I need to be doing aren’t done.

I plan to repeat Joshua Becker’s Uncluttered course again in order to go deeper and make decisions about sentimental things and to continue to remove layers of other things as well. But, I need to get to the point now in my thinking and actions to be able to maintain my home and enjoy my life. I think one problem is that I mis-judge how much time a de-cluttering project will take, or I run out of time and must do something for someone else and stop what I am doing. Maybe I need to concentrate on getting “two ducks in a line” instead of a whole flock. And, I must remember that even if they are not lined up, my life if happening now.

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