Donation Pyramid

Last night as I was preparing to do my taxes I pulled out all of my charity thrift store donation receipts. It was quite an impressive sight. There were also at least half a dozen times that I didn’t get a receipt because it was just a few bags or boxes. Donation Receipts 2017What struck me the most after seeing them all lined up like that was the fact that I don’t really miss anything that I donated. Sure I have momentarily regretted a few things, but when I really stop to think about it I don’t miss the items.  The second thing that I thought of was how much my unused and unwanted stuff was helping other people. The nice ladder back chairs, the sofa bed, the brown footstool, the Aigner purses, the fruit cookie jars and salt and pepper shakers, the comforters,  the mountains of clothes and shoes…are all benefiting someone else instead of taking up space and energy in my home and life.

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist once said, “One of the greatest benefits of generosity is the realization that I already have enough.” This statement made a profound impact on my life. It really does work that way. The more I gave away the more I realized that I still have plenty of everything that I need.

I am much more selective about buying now, and even though I am a quilter and still love to buy pretty fabric, I make sure that there is room in my home for anything that I bring in. I also donate fabric and projects that I no longer have a desire to work on. This leaves room and time to work on and finish the projects that I do enjoy.


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