Start a New Project as a Cure for Too Many UFOs???

Half Snowball
The picture shows the actual quilt. I am told that it is a half snowball pattern.  I purchased it already thread basted. It had a little bit of hand quilting on it when I got it. I have enjoyed quilting it while watching Christmas movies. 

I recently read an advertisement for a well-known quilting company that offered a new small project as a cure for having too many UFOs (Unfinished Objects). I am still shaking my head at that one. How could starting a brand new project help me to finish the dozens of projects that I already have started?

I guess they are taking the idea from Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball approach in that paying off the smallest debts first gives you momentum to pay off the larger ones. But wait a minute…Dave doesn’t say to go out and take out a small loan. He says to pay off the smallest one you already have. (His principles do work, and I highly recommend them.)

I offer instead the advice to finish the UFO that is closest to completion first instead of working on four or five at a time. At one time I had more than that “in the hoop” at the same time. I became so overwhelmed that I didn’t accomplish anything. Now I am hand quilting the borders on a quilt that is almost finished. I can’t wait to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment once I finally bind it.



How Missing a Quilt Show Improved My Life

Empty Boxes

Instead of attending a quilt show this weekend I decided to go through two boxes of paper clutter that had been bothering me for months. One of the most ironic things I found in one of the boxes was a map and informational flyer about the same quilt show from three years ago. I didn’t go back then either. You see, I have spent the greater part of my life so far being busy doing things that I “needed to do.” I had so much stuff that I never felt caught up or free to do the things I wanted to do.

I have been becoming minimalist since May of 2016. On my journey I have donated countless van-loads of perfectly good things that I spent a lifetime collecting. This weekend I really feel as if I have turned a corner in my journey.

Tonight I had my dad over for supper. Because I spent the weekend getting through those last two boxes of paper clutter and catching up the laundry and dishes, I could enjoy the evening with him. We really talked and enjoyed watching The Andy Griffith Show together as I hand quilted.

The difference is that I woke up in an uncluttered bedroom and walked into an uncluttered living room and kitchen this morning. Even though I had to run an unexpected errand after work I didn’t feel stressed or rushed.

Even though I missed the physical quilt show I was able to catch one. A Facebook group that I am in had a virtual quilt show, so I was able to enjoy looking at the pictures. (Another plus is that a lot of the things I filed this weekend were quilt patterns that I hope to make one day. I also have a stack of patterns that I plan to donate or share with another quilter.)

My hope is that one day I will make it to that illusive quilt show, but until then I will keep working toward being un-busy so that when the opportunity arises again I won’t hesitate to go.